Development Workshop

24 Oct 2018
Room K4

Development Workshop

Subject to change.

Intro To PASE

Timeslot length: 1hr (average)

Facetious title: Visiting The In-Laws

Abstract: New to the PASE environment on IBM i?  Don’t even know what it is?  This session is for you.  PASE is the Linux-y side of the IBM i operating system.  It is where all the open source goodies like Node.js, PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, OpenSSL, Git run (and much much more).  

In this lab you will learn how to do the following:

  • Access PASE using SSH
  • Navigate file system using PASE commands and learn the what various directories are used for
  • File system permissions
  • Learn what a shell is and how to use it
  • Write a small shell script
  • How to edit stream files and common commands for viewing and searching files
  • Create, copy, and delete directories
  • Install open source software from the internet
  • Manipulate the “PASE library list” (aka PATH environment variable)
  • Setup user specific settings in your /home directory
  • Configure your own ssh keys for use when authenticating via ssh to other servers
  • How to call 5250 commands from PASE

My First Node.js App

Timeslot length: 2.5hrs (average)

Abstract:  Node.js is a hot hot hot technology right now.  It can be used for many networking type scenarios including building web applications.  In this hands-on lab you will accomplish the following:

  • Learn how to connect to IBM i using SSH and the bash shell.
  • Learn how to create a hello world web application
  • Learn how to install Node.js modules using npm (Node Package Manager)
  • Create a Node.js Websocket chat application from scratch
  • Create a Node.js CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application from scratch