About us

Common Denmark is a non-profit community, driven by volunteer members. The community was founded in 1974, at that time under the name GS-Gruppen. But still going strong – alive and kicking

The foundation for Common Denmark community is interest for

  • IBM Power systems (Hardware)
  • IBM i (former AS/400) Operating system for midrange servers
  • AIX
  • Linux on Power
  • Solutions HW or SW that give business value to organizations running Power systems

The mission for Common Denmark is:

  • Facilitate Network for users, vendors, business partners and IBM
  • Organize events for members
  • Expand knowledge about the business value of IBM Power systems
  • Exchange and share knowledge about OS Features and software solutions
  • Bring relevant education to our members.
  • Through dialog with IBM, share the members ideas for future development.

The community has more than 100 members, from very different companies, members can be technical or non-technical, Senior Management or Student, Expert or novice, they can be from user companies, from software vendors, business partners or IBM.
When they meet in the community, they are not trying to sell their own solutions, but with a shared interest in helping each other to expand business value and enhance the solutions running on Power systems.

The community uses newsletters, virtual seminars and events to execute their mission.

During a year a member is offered to attend 4-6 free events, most of them a half day event from 14:00 ending with a included free network dinner. The topics on the agenda will vary depending on interest and demands, “what’s on the radar”.
Speakers can be members from the community or external experts. Danish or English speaking.

The events is held on different locations spread out in Denmark, on hotels or at member companies.

Once a year we launch our flagship event POWER Summit, a event over 1-2 full days, with several tracks
Attending this event is also free for members.

Common Denmark is a member of Common Europe, www.comeur.org, affiliated to Common North America, www.common.org, and is a close partner of 16 other European user groups with similar goals

Membership of common Denmark entitles to reduced prices at Common Europe events, and reduced membership fee for Common North America.


Common Denmark offers different types of membership:

  • Individual membership – One named person 2500 DKK yearly
  • Company membership
    unlimited named members, but max. 6 members in one event 11000 DKK  yearly
  • Student 1250 DKK yearly
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Member categories in percent:

Independent Software Vendors
Business Partners

Board of Directors

Jesper Hemmet Omer

Chairman of the Board

Anders Grønbech

Administration - Board Member

Peter Harboe

Board Member

Jan Koefoed-Nielsen

Board Substitute

Ib Andersen


Help & Support

Helle Mering

Business Partner Representative - Marketing

Jan Jürgensen