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Information in English about Common Denmark

Here you will find a short description of Common Denmark - formerly know as GS-Gruppen (GS-Group).

Our web-site is created and maintained in Danish only - even then you may use the translation function, however Common Denmark is not to be hold responsible for other text versions that the reel Danish text.

We do want to give you a short introduction - for which reason we can service you with this small description for none-Scandinavian speaking people. This is then the only page in English and the reason is, that we are only focused on Danish (Scandinavian) relations. You are off course very welcome to contact us - using English text, if we can be of any service. Else we will refer to our sister groups in Sweden and Norway (data3 and Common Norway) and the international Common North America (www.common.org).

Common Denmark is the largest Danish IBM System i - group of people and organisations, who share know-how and information about this IBM server-platform.
We have existed since 1974 and have followed this platform the whole way - since the System/3. Actually System/3 group was our first name, but then IBM launched it's System/32 and created a new department, which was called GS-department. GS stood for "General Systems". Off course we quickly changed our name - both to follow IBM and to have a more common and future-orientated name. The name GS-Group was quit natural to be used.

Networking amount all members - both at the meeting and between the meetings is in focus and is underlined both in our web-page and in the way it works and operates. We are a  member-controlled group, with a member-board and we normally have 4 meetings a year, beside other smaller events. Each second year, we take a longer trip to a location, where we cover currently relevant subjects for our members and bringing in expects in these subjects. Those subjects can both be business related and/or IT-technical related - with a "System i" angle - off course.

And now we have the focus of Power - IBM Power. This is now a more a conceptual platform for a number of consolidated business systems. Our members want to explode this platform to give the highest possible value to their companies.

Our members are situated all over Denmark. We have both very small ones, without their own IT-people - and very large members with large IT-departments, some covering the whole world.

We have a close cooperation with IBM, other IBM business partner and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), who support our work in many different aspects.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to contact us, if you have any comments or questions!

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