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COMMON Europe iTour 2016 - Sessions  

Here you will find descriptions of the sessions and topics.




Stephan Leisse, Vision Solutions

Combing HW and SW replication for stronger business continuity

There are two approaches to providing high availability/disaster recovery solutions for IBM i—logical replication and hardware clustering. Both solutions replicate data from a production system to a backup system and enable switching (also known as a role swap) between the two systems in the event of an outage on the production system. With both disk clustering and logical replication options, IBM i clients continue to have a broad range of choices for their high availability and disaster recovery needs. This session discusses the scenarios and options to consider for improving business continuity.


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Guy Marmorat, Cilasoft

Top Ten Tips for IBMi compliance and auditing

Given the array of regulations that organizations face today, as well as the fact that auditors are becoming more demanding, achieving compliance is often a complex, difficult process. This session gives you practical tips on how to efficiently report on relevant compliance information from system and database journals, how to address the “powerful user activity tracking” requirement that is part of most regulations, and how to accurately audit all levels of access to your critical data, including FTP and SQL. In addition, this session reviews the latest improvements delivered in versions 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 of IBM i.


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Stephan Leisse, Vision Solutions

Migrating to new servers and storage with no downtime

Today’s modern solutions and best practices allow migrations across multiple operating systems, on any hardware or storage platform, and in any physical, virtual or cloud-based environment. These options ease the strain on internal IT resources, eliminate downtime and mitigate the risks associated with untested processes. Learn how to benefit from new server and storage innovations with smarter migration options.


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Guy Marmorat, Cilasoft

Who is using your data, how and from where?

Controlling all of the ways your company’s data is being accessed is critical, especially given the proliferation of open source software and other non-traditional data-access methods. This session reviews the different ways your data can be accessed, how exit points work and ways to manage them, and why a global data access control strategy is especially important as a means to efficiently protect sensitive data against unwanted access.


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Steve Bradshaw, Rowton IT Solutions Ltd.

Things i-Love about 7.3

In this session I aim to give you a run down listing around 10 of the features I love and telling you what they do and why they are useful. Some of these new functions are big, some small but all are beneficial. Even if you are not in s position to upgrade O/S just now, many have been PTF'd back to 7.2 and some 7.1 so it's still worth knowing about.
The aim of the session is to look beyond the headline enhancements and give you a flavour of not only the big news items but also some of the smaller but still very useful functions that IBM has delivered in IBM i.


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Morten Buur Rasmussen, IBM Lab Services Europe

Performance in IBMi – Tips and Tricks

This presentation shows you some selected tips and tricks that can help you getting better performance and help you better understand performance issues on IBM i.

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Erik Rex, IBM Denmark

Lars Petersson, IBM Denmark

Lars Johannesson, IBM Denmark

POWER HW Modernization

How can you save money by renewal your Power Infrastructure - and what about Cloud / Analytics and the business expectations for IT?

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