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Common Denmark - Annual Event 2016 - Informations

Our large event - the COMMON Europe iTour 2016 takes place on October 31th - starting time at 8.30 and its a whole day event. You are welcome to come the day before for informal networking.
The evening dinner is voluntary - and your decision. Keep yourself updated through these web-pages.

Here you will find all required and practical information for participating.


Place of the event is:

Hotel Lautruppark
Borupvang 2
DK-2750  Ballerup

Evening dinner

The place of the networking dinner is the same hotel.

It's possible to stay overnight at this hotel, at special rate. Just refer to the COMMON Denmark event.
Please look below - and contact the hotel directly hotel.



Hotel Lautruppark
Borupvang 2
DK-2750  Ballerup


Please contact hotel directly - and as fast as possible, otherwise we offer no garantee for availability. 
Hotel stay at own cost, but you can refer to "Common Denmark - and get rooms at discounted rate:

  • 995 dkr. for single room – 1195 for double room including breakfast.


Common Denmark members:

Free - off course!!

Member of user groups related to Common Denmark:

  • 750 dkr. day event  - day ending at 17.30.
  • 1295 dkr. including event and dinner.

Other guests:

  • 1595 dkr. day event - day ending at 17.30.
  • 2250 dkr. for the whole event - including dinner.

As member you can bring a contact or extra person:

  • 750 dkr. day event - day ending at 17.30.
  • 1295 dkr. for the whole event - including dinner.


Registration is necessary - by the use of the enrolment page.

  • Common Denmark members - make your enrolment through your normal enrollment form, under member section.
  • All other need to enrol using the open form. Click here.

Notice. All participants need to do this. 



It's possible to have a display/booth in the exhibition.
For information or prices - please contact Jesper - email: jesper@common.dk


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