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System & Method is developer and international distributor of the IceBreak and BlueSeries product lines.
System & Method was established June 1st 1989 and have achieved a profound knowledge of the IBM i™ (AS/400) platform. This applies for both the developement and the sales departments.

Our objective is to optimize the customers Workflow via a transition to electronic document handling. We cover areas such as electronic forms, automation of document flow using web solutions, decentralized laser printing, sending and receiving of fax, e-mail and SMS-messages and electronic archiving of all types of printouts and documents.

System & Method recommend 3 tools (products) to be used with the IBM i™ in order to optimize the workflow. For set-up and printing electronic forms and PDF-files we recommend InterForm. For sending and receiving faxes, e-mails or SMS-messages we recommend BlueSeries. We finally recommend IceBreak for developing websolution for the IBM i™ (AS/400). All of the above products are developed to be used on the IBM i™ (AS/400) with focus on the system and and the methods used.

Distribution Channels
We have build a competent net of Dealers consisting of IBM i™ (AS/400) specialists from all business areas. Some of our Dealers have integrated our products into their business specific solutions. This way they can offer a complete solution to their customers.

Our product portfolio consists of the previous mentioned products and implementation of those. This means that we are not depending on any supplier of printers or other external equipment, which again means that there are no extra equipment to be purchased in order to obtain the full use of our products. Our advice is based on facts and many years of experience.

We offer you a free trial-period before purchasing any of our products. The period will run for up to 30 days after a “get-started day”, where set-up and education is conducted by one of our experienced systems engineers or senior consultants. Our motto has always been “No Cure – No Pay”, which means that if the product does not fulfill the expectations you can return it free of charge if you are within the 30 days trial period.

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